Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Hunger Like No Other

A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole

I read this book on February 11th 2012.
Of course I give it 5/5 stars

And so the monster had been created, the monster being me :)
I stumbled upon this book, not quite sure how but I saw it on Amazon, saw the cover and groaned. "Seriously, another vampire book?" was all I could say. I typically don't read reviews, but I made a little exception because I really wanted to know what kind of book it truly was. After a couple read reviews, I thought why the heck not, I have nothing better to do, it's cold in Germany, let's read this book.....
And here is what I have to say....

I absolutely LOVED it!!!! (since it's been now 3 years that I've read it for the first time, I think I've re-read it 4 or 5 times)
This story was so raw and wild and crazy and ohmygod HOT!!!
Poor tortured Lachlain MacRieve had been chained below the earth in Paris, in a fiery pit for hundreds of years, until the day he sensed his mate. He risked everything to be with her.
The fates must have had a ball the day they decided who is perfect mate would be.
Not only did wee little Emma not come as the buxom scottish lass noooo she had to be half vampire/valkyrie. Lachlain is the Lykae king of his clan and the vampires are his arch enemies. It had been the horde King who chained him up in the fire. How oh how will this work out.
Of course he is attracted to her, no questions asked, yet, he's also disgusted with her.
And poor virgin Emma, has to depend on this vile man to return her to Louisiana, after she helps him in this modern day world....

Needless to say, this is all you are getting out of me, frankly I've already said too much.
This book had been the beginning with my obsession towards Kresely Cole's books. The good thing was when I discovered and read the first book, I could read for days on, because they were "old" but new to me. So I got to enjoy all her older books as well, like The Sutherland brothers and The MacCarrick brothers, boy oh boy. I still have to review all of them, I've been putting it off for awhile because I thought my fellow indie's reviews take precedence. I know this will take me quite a awhile, so bear with me and if you haven't already, and you love paranormal romance, READ THIS BOOK!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Not Juliet

Not Juliet by Ella Medler

I read this book on Feb 20th 2014 and gave it a whopping 5/5 stars.

This story was just beautiful.
Once again, as always I will not summarize it, you just have to read it yourself.
I will say this though, too bad that it was so short.
I could have easily read another ten chapters ;) But I am hopeful that maybe one day there will be a prequel to the book.
This story had everything that I personally enjoy reading. It is a beautiful love story, with the right amount of action very perfectly balanced.
The writing itself pulled me in, and that is what I adore about this author, I always feel like I have a front row seat in a movie.
I truly recommend this to everyone. No matter what your preferred reading genre is (mine is paranormal romance) you won't be disappointed.... And guess what, if you click on the link above you will be happy to find out that this book is currently FREEEEEEEEEEE The link I posted is for Amazon, so go get your free copy today. Don't forget to support your indies, leave a review.


New Page!!!!!

Hello everyone, let me re-introduce myself to you.
My name is Tina, I'm mother to my beautiful daughter Julia (who is a very talented artist and even though this blog will mainly focus on books, I will add her work to it, she would be amazing at drawing customized book covers.) I'm wife to my wonderful husband Shawn, who I love and adore. And I am also mommy to our furbabies, our golden Chloe, our black lab Apollo and our kitty Athena.
I do have a job which I love but the hours are killing me sometimes. And then of course I also write. I have one book published and currently working on three other books on the side. I can't decide which one of those I would like to finish first. It's like a madhouse in my brain. So, I take it one step at the time.
For a while I thought it was time for a blog-change.
I've been playing with this idea in my head for awhile and so I figured today was the day I'd start changing my blog.
I want to share books with you, I've been reading sooo many books, and some I review on Amazon and Goodreads and some I don't.
I want to review them all. Good or bad. This is were the brutal honesty comes in. Sorry in advance.
Also, I would like to build a broader and much wider audience. I know, we all love books, but it only works by sharing our love with others.
Therefor this blog will be different than my old one (which by the way I deleted completely)
I will post as said reviews, reading orders, updates and new releases.
So, if you are an author and you have an upcoming book pending to be release, let me know with the date so I can add you to the list.
My TBR list is very, very long, however if you want me to read your books and blog about them, feel free to email me a copy. Preferred is mobi and my email is If the book is in my favorite category, which is Paranormal Romance, I will bump it up on the list. Alright, my lovelies, let me start working on what I had in mind here and I will keep you updated every review of the way.

And I would also like to add that the upcoming reviews are in no particular order, I will post the date I've read them above each book, with the stars I've given it.


Realm of the Immortals

Realm Of The Immortals by yours truly.

WARNING:  it may contain spoilers.

Of course I will be totally bias if I were to write a review for this awesome book. However I can't or won't do that.
How about I just share with you what other people have said about this amazing book. With that being said, feel free and click on the link, get your own copy and share your review with me and everyone else who'll read my incredible awesome, kick ass book. If you already read it, please be so kind and leave your review if you haven't already.
And if you would like to discuss my book with me, message me, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


5.0 out of 5 stars Wow!May 9, 2014
This review is from: Realm of the Immortals: Truth - Book 1 (Kindle Edition)
"Realm of Immortals" is a fabulous new take on paranormal romance. Emily is an "average" young woman with an unknown ability. Darian is a "hunk" of a leader in another realm with a broken past and a hatred for those who have harmed his family. The prophetic path that brings them together is filled with great friends, excitement, adventure, emotional turbulence and heat. And did I say "HEAT"? The steamy romance that plays out is fabulous!
The characters that are normal and real. There is an easy friendship between Emily and Anne that is great. And then throw in Mike - he is the goofy guy friend everyone wants and is adorable! You meet Darian's brothers and experience menace and mayhem from Patrick and the Calveri brothers... Every character adds something to this story.
There is fantasy, demons, mystery and dream sequences. It's well-written with a fantastic storyline that allows the reader to visualize and escape into the "Realm of Immortals". The cliff-hanger ending has me hooked and patiently waiting for #2!
I loved this book and can't wait to read more from Tina and Deb!

5.0 out of 5 star Anxiously awaiting the next bookMay 15, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Realm of the Immortals: Truth - Book 1 (Kindle Edition)
A very captivating book. Definitely not for young readers or the local Church book club! Each chapter brought me closer to the lives of the characters. Proud to know one of the authors. GREAT get writing!!

4.0 out of 5 stars a great read and a series/ author I will look out for in the future.January 9, 2015
This review is from: Realm of the Immortals: Truth - Book 1 (Kindle Edition)
**I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)**
Wow, what an awesome book, I was hooked from the very beginning. It was brilliantly introducing a brand new paranormal world fairly similar to ours and characters we can love. It was excellently written giving the perfect blend of description and storyline that is needed for a first in the series book.

The main characters were Emily and Darian I thought the main characters were brilliant together with one of them offering personality traits which the other friend's possess giving us a wide range of likeable traits. I loved the sparks and conflict that goes on between them before they fall in love but I found the parts of the story when they were in love equally entertaining. I found the relationship between Emily's family and Darian to be an interesting addition to the story between the two of them however I felt it could have been used more in order to create more sparring moments between the two of them. I also thought Darian's brothers reaction to Emily very refreshing however ultimately a bit odd since Darian's hatred for Emily is so huge.

The secondary characters that I feel noteworthy include Maggie, Damon, Christian, Mary and Beth. Maggie is a bad guy in hugely embedded in this story, she is the sister of the rival family to Darian's who puts herself in Emily's life in order to gain her trust- I loved Maggie as a bad guy, I find her slippery and hard to pin down in that I can't for the life of me figure out if she's going to hurt Mary (Emily's mother) or Mike (Emily's friend). Damon is one of Darian's brothers who is not present for all of the book however I liked how he is the one to take on most of the responsibility to find the rival family. Christian is another of Darian's brothers who is there for a lot of the story- so much that I thought he was going to be the person Emily ended up with. Mary is Emily's mother, I liked this character as she stood by her beliefs until she was proven wrong, then she was willing to accept that she was wrong and she continued to support Emily throughout the book.

The pacing was good giving us enough time to get to know the characters before introducing them to each other in a new surrounding. I also liked how the story progressed and that the big face off between the waring family's didn't happen in the last chapter- therefore causing it to be squished and not as climatic as it deserved to be.

The storyline was brilliantly original and offered a wide range of characters to fall in love with as well as a new paranormal species and a new fairy tale worthy surrounding. I thought the book was brilliantly planned having everything fall into place perfectly and spacing it out as to keep the reader interested right until the last page.

4 stars a great read and a series/ author I will look out for in the future.

Three Days Of Rain

Three Days Of Rain by Christine Hughes

I read this book on Feb 5th 2014 and gave it 5/5 stars...

Of course, as always I will not summarize the book, since I feel this is giving away the story. All I can say though is this, if you LOVE a story from the heart, then I will recommend this to you.
What an incredible, awesome book. I must honestly say, this is something I haven't read before.
I'll be honest, and I did read one or two reviews before I read the book (which usually I don't do) and I was telling myself, while reading the book "What's wrong with these people? Why did they cry?" I shrugged it off as just not being too much of an emotional person.
Yeah, needless to say that changed. Well, thanks Christine, for making me cry the last two pages.
I really wanted to dislike the author, for what she did, (once again I won't give anything away READ IT) and then I really wanted to hate Maddie, (and I did, until the end) but the way story developed, with all the heartache and pain was so beautiful.
I totally love that this is a blue collar, small town. The people (ALL OF THEM) were believable and likable. A whole town that is devastated by ones selfish actions, and sticks together to get over her... seriously that alone warmed my heart.
I am sure I could go on and on and praise this story, but I won't.
Beautifully written, excellent book, thank you Christine Hughes.

This was my personal review which I left on Amazon and Goodreads. I truly loved this book and I hope so will you. If you have read this book, let me know your thoughts about it. I am interested in hearing them.