Saturday, January 17, 2015

Three Days Of Rain

Three Days Of Rain by Christine Hughes

I read this book on Feb 5th 2014 and gave it 5/5 stars...

Of course, as always I will not summarize the book, since I feel this is giving away the story. All I can say though is this, if you LOVE a story from the heart, then I will recommend this to you.
What an incredible, awesome book. I must honestly say, this is something I haven't read before.
I'll be honest, and I did read one or two reviews before I read the book (which usually I don't do) and I was telling myself, while reading the book "What's wrong with these people? Why did they cry?" I shrugged it off as just not being too much of an emotional person.
Yeah, needless to say that changed. Well, thanks Christine, for making me cry the last two pages.
I really wanted to dislike the author, for what she did, (once again I won't give anything away READ IT) and then I really wanted to hate Maddie, (and I did, until the end) but the way story developed, with all the heartache and pain was so beautiful.
I totally love that this is a blue collar, small town. The people (ALL OF THEM) were believable and likable. A whole town that is devastated by ones selfish actions, and sticks together to get over her... seriously that alone warmed my heart.
I am sure I could go on and on and praise this story, but I won't.
Beautifully written, excellent book, thank you Christine Hughes.

This was my personal review which I left on Amazon and Goodreads. I truly loved this book and I hope so will you. If you have read this book, let me know your thoughts about it. I am interested in hearing them.


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